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a relational description of concepts

A ontonomy is a treelike hierarchy of concepts, describing their characteristics, whereas concepts indicate a information taxonomy.

Boxary implements a basic ontonomy that describes the concepts entity - attribute in the terms binder - blend. While entity - attribute can be expressed with UML or ERD diagrams, the binder - blend concept is derived from real life and contains recursion.

The purpose of a binder is to contain other things (blends) and can be categorised in a taxonomy (compare the rugged label). A binder can be empty and/or exist without a label. Binder(s) may belong to a specific app.

The purpose of a blend is to name and define information using properties (integer, pick list, text) OR act as a placeholder for composite things. A blend MUST belong to one or more binder(s). When acting as a placeholder for other blends it does not copy the binder features because the holding blends MUST be singular.

Any content in the system will belong to one and only one (specific) binder and will contain zero or more blends as registered with that specific binder. The content inherits the taxonomy of the binder and the ruling app, though the latter MAY be changed.